Q&A With Teddy of Family Force 5

What was the first concert you attended? Lenny Kravitz

Where and when was the first show you played? The very first Family Force 5 show was in 2005 at the Masquerade in Atlanta. It was nasty and amazing! 

What is your most memorable or off-the-wall touring experience?  So many to name, but one that stands out recently, our keyboardist, Nadaddy, went for a long scream into the mic and forgot to breathe before. He passed out right after on stage. It freaked us out! 

Which of your songs is your favorite and why?  Right now, I'd say "This is My Year."  It's kinda a seize the day anthem, and its fun to dance to.

If you could open for any artist in the next year, who would it be? Most definitely Janet Jackson

What 3 artists have you listened to obsessively in the last month? St. Lucia, Haim, and Brandon Flowers.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? A garbage man. He just seemed like a powerful person back in the day. Maybe it was the claw...

What is your most embarrassing moment? Ever? Haha well in junior high, I opened up the door for this girl I was crushin on, and accidentally tripped her downstairs. She broke her arm and never talked to me again. 

What is your favorite phrase? Killin it! 

Books or movies? Movies! Haha, we get lost in movies on the road. 

Check out Family Force 5 at Jammin Java on Friday, October 16th!