Music Makes Life Better for Amy’s Army

Amy’s Army is truly that; an army of friends who rallied around Amy Howle in her time of need, and worked to turn a time of difficulty into a time of hope for others.  Check out Amy’s story here:

In 2007, when Amy Howle was diagnosed with cancer, her friends immediately rallied around her, determined to support and help her any way they could. What started out as a small Pink Ribbon Walk to raise funds for cancer research evolved into Amy’s Army, a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to increase awareness, support medical research, and provide financial support to Northern Virginia women affected by any cancer.

Helping “women affected by any cancer” means that the woman herself may not have cancer – she may be the caregiver of a family member or friend with cancer.

Amy felt truly fortunate to have such a strong support network, but she realized that not all women have the support they need. This desire to help other local women is the basis of our Grant Program. Amy’s Army offers grants (up to $1500 each) to applicants for a variety of expenses: medical bills associated with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, basic living expense emergencies, and non-medical expenses related to medical treatment to women in Northern Virginia.

This Sunday, May 3rd, Music Makes Life Better partners with Amy’s Army for a great cause and and a great afternoon of music.  The show starts at 1pm and features music from Falcon Heavy + Charlemagne + Last Armistice. Get your tickets here!

Amy’s Army member dues cover all overhead expenses, so when you make a tax-deductible donation to Amy’s Army, 100% of your contribution is used for charitable purposes.
Donations can be made online at