Q&A with Michael McDermott


What was the first concert you attended?  Rolling Stones , Chicago Ill Tattoo You Tour

Where and when was the first show you played?   Earls Pub, Chicago formerly Earl Of Old Town where Prine, Goodman got their start

What is your most memorable or off-the-wall touring experience?  Drunkenly betting my guitar player and drummer that they wouldn't jump off a bridge in Iowa....i lost the bet 

What 3 artists have you been listening to obsessively in the last month?  Butterfly Child, Jason Isbell, Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack 

 What did you want to be when you were growing up?  A detective

What is your most embarrassing moment?  Appearing before a judge on felony charges

What is your favorite phrase?  If you always do what you always did you'll always get what you always got

Cat person, dog person, or both?  Dog faced boys

 Books or movies? Braille Books On Tape

What would most people be surprised to learn about you?  I wear my sneakers in the pool 

Check out Michael McDermott at Jammin Java on September 17th!