Q&A with Luke Wade (of NBC's The Voice!)

What was the first concert you attended? It was the beginning of my freshman year of college at Appalachian State. The show was at the Convocation Center featuring Edward McCain and Weekend Excursion.

Where and when was the first show you played? May of 2001 at my high school talent show in Dublin, Tx. 

What is your most memorable or off-the-wall touring experience?  It would have to be the time I got a flat tire and stayed in Atlanta at a "freegan's" house. I slept on a mattress he found on the highway, and in order not to be rude, I ate an entire meal of things he found in a dumpster. 

What did you want to be when you were growing up?  I wanted to be a scientist. I made my own National Geographic tshirt with an iron-on and begged my parents to take me to meet Jane Goodall because she was friends with primates. 

What is your most embarrassing moment?  When I blanked in the middle of someone's first dance song at their wedding. 

What would most people be surprised to learn about you?  I was not the cool kid growing up. I was Mr. Pocket-Protector Science-Guy.