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Josh Garrels "Home" Album Release (Guest Post by Jenny Allen)


Check out this review of Josh Garrels new album, Home, by Jenny Allen!


Like the lingering smell of coffee swirling around in the Autumn air, singer-songwriter Josh Garrels’ voice envelopes all around him. Sweet and savory melodies trickle down fortresses of composition. With four artistic albums under his beanie, Garrels is back again to share more with us! New album Home is scheduled for release TOMORROW, Tuesday, April 7th, and in the meantime, you can munch on these tasty treats, “Born Again” and “A Long Way,” two tracks Josh so graciously released off of Home. “Born Again” was first released on March 26th, and then just four days later, “A Long Way” was released. Christmas presents in April, an early birthday present? I think “yes.” Staying true to his colors of eclectic folk and hip hop, Josh digs deeper into his soulful roots with Home. Old familiar friends, symphonic orchestration and sample-based sequencing, inevitably join Josh again with these tracks. With lyrics like:

Stumble out to the light/ Raise my fist up to fight/ Then I catch your eye/ So full of love/ Lord, what have I done? in “Born Again” and There’s a time in our lives/ To return, sacrifice/ Wild grass has grown high/ On the path between our lives/ There’s a light in the trees/ It’s closer now, I’m on my knees/ Oh Father, forgive me, please

in “A Long Way,” Josh turns the story on himself describing his personal struggles and explaining his process of overcoming them. Commenting on the album, Josh says, “While writing these songs I was searching for joy, and this pursuit instinctively brought my attention back to the people and places closest to me. Because of this, these songs have less of an outward, expansive scope, and rather turn the attention inward, to the intimacy of family, forgiveness, and homecoming.” Well said, Josh. Well said.

I know I’m jazzed for the tale of Home to be told TOMORROW, on April 7th, and can't wait one minute. I want you to get even more excited because this morning Jammin' Java announced that Josh Garrels is coming to McLean Bible Church - Smith Center on Friday, June 5th! Tickets go on sale April 10th, make sure to buy yours ASAP because Confucius say, “They’ll sell out quickly”!