Artist Q&A

Q&A with Chase Bader of Koa


Where and when was the first show you played? We've been lucky to tour over the last couple years across the U.S., and I think for me the most memorable experience was playing my old high school in Colorado. They have a new performing artist building and for myself and our guitar player, who is also a graduate, it was a very full circle moment coming back and playing for kids that were in the same place as we were at that time in our lives.

Which of your songs is your favorite and why? My favorite of our tunes is called Gemini. It's such a different style than what I would have ever imagined we would write. It has quite a country/bluegrass tone. It was also the first song I approached writing from a narrative perspective. We love playing it and people really get into it as well.

If you could open for any artist in the next year, who would it be? If we could open for any artist in the next three years we would probably say Widespread Panic. We're huge fans and those guys really do it right.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? I always wanted to do music, but I thought being a chef or a baseball player woulda been real chill.

What is your favorite phrase? I would say my favorite phrase is "a man's reach should exceed his grasp."

Cat person, dog person, or both? I think we're all definitely dog people but there are cool cats. Especially Siamese haha

Bottom line: we love to play music and we love to make people move. We love meeting new people and we are so excited to come to Jammin Java and some new cities.

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Catch Koa at Jammin' Java on Monday, June 29th!