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Thoughts From A Jungle In Costa Rica By Daniel Brindley


I’m in a jungle in Costa Rica. Every minute of every day the sky is clear blue and the sun shines so comfortably warm. At night, it gets deeply dark, and I can actually see the sky full of stars, a sight I am not used to in big cities. So beautiful! I keep thinking of this song by Bruce Cockburn because it speaks of the beauty, the majesty, and the mystery behind it all. Sublime.

“Lord of the Starfields"

Ancient of Days Universe Maker Here’s a song in your praise

Wings of the storm cloud Beginning and end You make my heart leap Like a banner in the wind

O love that fires the sun Keep me burning. Lord of the starfields Sower of life, Heaven and earth are Full of your light

Voice of the nova Smile of the dew All of our yearning Only comes home to you

O love that fires the sun Keep me burning"