Guest Post

"Mr. Jammin’ Java"

Here's a post from JJ fan Carlene Love Flores about her first experience here in 2011. The person she references in the blog post is actually Bobby Long and he's playing here tonight! Interesting coincidence.

Moving around as much as I do has made finding new local places to hear music a real special experience. Whether you’re looking for an intimate venue with a lived and jammed in feeling about it or something with more leg room and modern renovations, I say give them all a try. The place you’re meant to make these musical memories at will eventually find you the second you pop through its doors.

In November a couple years back, I happened to have needed a cup of Earl Grey while zipping down Maple Avenue. A girl always remembers how good her Earl Grey is and it was gooood. And then a week or so later when it was time to celebrate the birthday, I couldn’t think of a better place than to return to Jammin’ Java.

Do you know why? Well, because I’m a strange girl, I have to admit I love the flat surfaces. I remember a later time I went inside and they were redoing the front counters. I know, that sounds so weird but I’ll always remember being there on the day the new counters couldn’t be touched yet because they were still setting. It was fun.

I promise this will make sense shortly. Sometimes the way I listen to music is very visual. It helps to have the perfect table situated in the best back corner to get this from the stage to my ears through my heart and out my brain. Maybe this is a great spot to stop sounding like I’m from another planet and just show you what I mean. I’ve got no idea who the big man is but this was what I sketched from that first night I heard music at Jammin’ Java. This is what the music looked like to me…

“There is a big beautiful man whistling, and playing, singing of birds and another who has lost his British soul.” November 12. 2011.