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Some Personal Thoughts On Music


Here's a cool guest post by friend of JJ, Megan Kilpatrick. Megan has been coming to JJ shows since the beginning and even volunteers sometimes to sell merch and more. Send us your post! Photo by Act Of Light.

“Ever wonder where it comes from, our need for music?”

“Well it catalogues our memories”

A quote from a TV show I was watching one day that I couldn’t get out of my head.   The question was so simple but the response was so profound.  I couldn’t help but wonder, is it really that easy?  So I started thinking about my imaginary card catalog….The first few are obvious, wedding songs & prom theme songs, but I had to dig deeper.

I grew up a Navy Brat so I moved around a lot.  When I hear music I usually can tell you what year it came out based on where I was living at the time.  If I hear Paula Abdul, that would be anywhere between 1989 to 1992, I was living in Cairo, Egypt, and was in middle school.  Then I opened my laptop and clicked shuffle just to see where my music took me.

Tchaikovsky: New York, Lincoln Center, with my mom every summer for the American Ballet Season.

30 Seconds to Mars: Road trip with my friend Lindsay, 7 days, 7 concerts, 7 states

Bryan Adams, - Everything I Do: first slow dance with my first love

The Ramones: My old friend Stephen, The Ramones were the only band he would listen to

Jon McLaughlin:  My first trip to Chicago, my first music festival, my first Lollapalooza

NEEDTOBREATHE: The first concert I went to alone, first time a band brought me to tears, and also the last time I’d probably see them at my favorite local venue Jammin Java.

New Kids on The Block: My best friend Sara and I pouring over Teen Beat in my room after school just to look at the pictures of Joey McIntyre

Seven Mary Three: My little brother listening to Cumbersome over and over again in high school, made my mom crazy!

These are all good memories however it can’t be a true catalog of where music has taken me if it doesn’t include a few dark moments.

Dave Matthews: An old coworker, Pat, we had a big falling out right before I quit.  She was a dear friend, that is, until I found out she had a hand in trying to get me fired.  All she ever listened to was Dave Matthews.

Eric Clapton: Summer of 1991 in Cairo Egypt, my former brother-in-law introduced me to the Slowhand album.   I can’t listen to Clapton and not think of him, even if he isn’t part of our family anymore.

Madonna: Senior year in high school. I was a figure skater and my best friend used to always request Crazy for You during free skate after lesson.  What I didn’t know is that she was seeing my boyfriend behind my back and that was their code song.  Pretty much can’t listen to any Madonna after knowing her.

After re reading what I’ve written I realize that not only does music catalog my memories it elicits an emotional response.  By putting these memories to paper I have created my very own linear & collinear soundtrack to my human timeline.    Music is such an integral part of our everyday lives that much of the time we take it for granted.  Whether what triggers our musical cataloged memories is a happy or sad experience it is truly a reflection of our personal journey.