Guest Post

A Note From Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul is one of our favorite contemporary singer/songwriters and a longtime friend of Jammin Java. He started his performing career in Boston and was in the middle of his show at Jammin Java Friday night when the second Boston Marathon bomber was caught. Someone in the audience announced it, Ellis and the audience cheered and Ellis played his song "3000 Miles" while the whole audience sang along. It was a remarkable moment - Jammin Java style. Here's a note from Ellis about that night:

With the tragedy up in Boston and the manhunt in full swing, I was surprised that people came out on Friday night to see my show at Jammin' Java-- but such is the nature of our times that everyone in the audience with a smart phone was as plugged into the story as they would've been from home. Except for me. I had no idea, I was on stage with a six string guitar. Old school. No Internet.

The crowd came plugged in...

Might as well hear some songs from a Boston songwriter to get a soundtrack while it all unfolds.

In the middle of the set, Someone screamed out, "They got the guy in Boston!" The crowd cheered. It suddenly felt like the crack of midnight at a New Years Eve celebration. It was like having a Town Crier in the audience, and it changed the mood from trepidation to jubilation and relief.

The Town Crier is a hero when the news is good. Somebody buy that man a beer.

I was in Boston for the marathon this year, watched it from Boston College, lived there in various neighborhoods for twenty years, and I'm a former distance runner. I'd been up for four days straight watching the news. I was exhausted. When the world feels desperate to me, I sometimes lose perspective-- it makes me feel like Im in world of orphans and strangers, but then, the music plays and the community of people come out of the shadows. I'm shown that the terrorists are the strangers, the orphaned. Its not us. My night at Jammin' Java reminded me of that.

We took care ourselves here-- seemed like anyone with an Internet connection had not only a strangely spectacular view of the events, but could participate in the intel.

For better or worse.

We'll get through. Whatever the gods, or mankind throws at us-- we can always circle the wagons, remind ourselves where the light shines, sing some songs, share our stories, and persevere.

I hate what happened in Boston.

I love what happened at Yankee stadium-- singing Boston's adopted 'Sweet Caroline' in the Seventh.

Music bridges the widest of gaps.

We all had a night at Jammin' Java we won't forget.

Thanks for coming!

---/ Ellis Paul