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Fan Review Of Friday Night's Jamtravaganza!


Here's a fun fan review by WookiePost of last Friday nights "Jamtravaganza" with Moogatu, Woodwork and Threesound. Send your reviews, etc to!

Jamtravaganza feat. Moogatu, Woodwork, and Threesound – 5/24/13


Memorial Day weekend is a time that should be spent with good friends, a plethora of food, cold drinks, and to top it all off, some sweet, sweet music to keep your feet moving. That’s exactly what was provided for the good people of Northern Virginia this past weekend, as our friends at Heady Entertainment put on one helluva dance party, as they have gained the reputation to do so every time.

wookie post 031Calm before the storm at Jammin’ Java

This was a show that we were all extra excited for, as it was the first time in nearly 4 years that we’ve had the whole Wookie Post crew together at the same show, and we also had the great opportunity to meet with one of the night’s headliners, Moogatu, for the second feature in our Artist Spotlight Series. Definitely keep an eye out for that, there is so much talent between all of those guys, and some pretty cool stories behind some of their most popular songs.

Although we were going to the show already knowing that Moogatu was going to bring the heat, we were caught off-guard by the talent from the other two bands on the bill that night.

First up was Threesound, a local band from Winchester, VA, composed of four young bucks looking to make a name for themselves in the live music scene. Coming to the stage in what I would call “business casual” attire, these guys definitely bring a certain presence to the stage, and can take over the room in an instant when they turn it on. Bringing full original songs, as well as a few very well-done covers, this band has range for days. I’ve got to say too, it’s a little refreshing seeing some younger guys take the stage and actually come prepared like they’ve been there before, seeing as they formed together back in 2009. I’d say these guys are definitely on the right path to success, if they keep at it, so keep an eye out for them. They have shows lined up all through the month of June, all over the state of VA. (see Threesound’s full setlist at the bottom of the article)

Threesound at Jammin' Java

Threesound at Jammin’ Java

In a night with 3 bands playing full sets, transition from one band to the other happens quick, so next up taking the stage wasWoodwork, hailing from the one and only 757, Hampton Roads, Seven Cities, VA Beacharea!!! For those unfamiliar with these guys, Woodwork is a four-piece band, complete with guitar, bass, keys, and drums, mixing a variety of genres from island funk to psychedelic jams and 100% original lyrics thrown at you as well. Trying to find that perfect harmonizing sound, Woodwork has been through some lineup changes in the recent years, but they feel like they have it down now, and are super excited to play for all you fans out there, especially at Camp Barefoot 7, this year. They played a great all around set and definitely made me want to look into these guys more, so don’t be surprised if you see more about Woodwork on Wookie Post in the future. Check out our video of them here, to get a lil’ taste of what you could be seeing.

Kyle Folsom (guitar), McGregor Hood (bass), Woodwork

Kyle Folsom (guitar), McGregor Hood (bass), Woodwork

The first two bands absolutely killed it and set the stage for the last, and most certainly not least, band to play for the night, Moogatu. These guys are really starting to grow on me, and this being only my second time seeing them, I feel that they have that effect on a lot of people. It doesn’t take long to recognize that these guys love what they’re doing and want to put on the best show possible every night for the fans. I was even more pumped since a few people I was with hadn’t had the chance to see Moogatu live, so I knew they were in for a treat and would share my feelings the same. It pretty much goes without saying, that this night was no different.

Coming in hot with their dance starter specialty, “Mary”, right off the bat the floor was covered and people were gettin’ down to the blusey keys of Brian Dodds, and the shredtastic extraordinaires Chris Lee and Brian Raubacher. Let’s not forget the glue holding it all together, Brian Zupruk rocking the funk out on the bass, and Steve Jacyna keeping them all on beat with the drumkit. I was definitely pleaseantly surprised to hear some new songs (new to my ears) as well, during their set. “Bonafide Lovin’” might be up there for my new favorite song from these guys, it has the perfect mix of catchy lyrics and upbeat tempo to keep me movin’ and keep me wanting to come back for more. And really, what Moogatu song would be complete with out a shred fest from at least one, if not both, of the guitar heroes. Closing out their set with “Helium Pt. 2″, this song has just too much energy to leave the people hanging, so you know they’re coming back out for an encore, with their staple back-to-back songs, “Better Company” > “Try Again”.  (see Moogatu’s full setlist at the bottom of the article)

Moogatu, full band

Moogatu, full band

The night ended with nothing but smiles as people cheered for all the great preformances we had just witnessed. I’ve said it before, and this won’t be the last time I’m saying it, Heady Entertainment knows how to put on a ragin’ good time! I forsee some collaborations with Wookie Post and Heady Entertainment coming up in the near future, to try and bring the utmost amount of entertainment and awareness of all the fucking awesome music we have around us. Connecting the fans to the bands is what it’s all about.

Also, be on the lookout for our second exclusive Artist Spotlight Series with Moogatu, where we sit down with all five members of the band and see where they all came from, how they came together, and how they create the material that we all can’t wait to hear whenever we get the chance. Which, with a full festival lineup for the summer coming up, there should be no shortage of chances to see Moogatu. So get your asses up and start planning!

That’s it for now wooks. Go take a shower and get ready for the day. Much love!!!

Threesound – 5/24/2013 – Vienna, VA – Jammin’ Java

MFV, Clockwork, Eleanor Rigby*, Guilty by Association, The Psychologist, From Sunlight to Moonlight, Pick Up the Pieces*, Tolerance, Tantra

* = Beatles cover, Average White Band cover (respectively)

Woodwork – 5/24/2013 – Vienna, VA – Jammin’ Java

(setlist pending)

Moogatu – 5/24/2013 – Vienna, VA – Jammin’ Java

Mary, Diversity Thrift > Dance Party > Bonafide Lovin’, Nothing Too Fancy > Better Batter, Raptor, Appreciation, Try Again > Helium Pt. 2

E: Better Company > Try Again