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Gallery and Recap of Band Battle 9 Night 1

Last night we covered the opening round of Jammin Java’s Band Battle 9 prelims. Six bands came out and destroyed the quiet calm of Vienna in an intense bout of rock and roll ruckus. Unlikely Heroes, Throwing Wrenches, All About Autumn, Flux 180, and Blue Sky Deep all played incredible sets showcasing some mind blowing guitar, distinctive vocals, and gut busting drums but when the night was over we had a clear victor. Holly Would walked away tonight’s winners, and rightfully so. They are true entertainers, working the crowd and the whole stage like it was their personal playground without missing a beat of their intense southern rock influenced performance. We can’t wait to see them again in August. Check out some of the pictures from July 1 in the gallery below! More images are available for purchase and browsing at our gallery at Tonight, the musical melee continues with six more bands all vying for the $2,500 top prize. Join us at Jammin’ Java starting at 7:00 PM to find our second finals qualifier.