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Gallery and Recap of Band Battle 9 Night 3

Night three of Band Battle 9 featured the largest attendance of any night so far, and the fewest bands! Only five groups played, but their infectious energy kept the house full the entire night. Wayside brought a solid SoCal inspired set to the stage and whetted the appetite of the masses, while The Last Summer and Claw Marks kept the night going with upbeat college rock. Other than the massive crowd, we had another distinctive happening at tonight's show. For the first time EVER, two bands tied for first place bringing Tattooed Beach Sluts and Cyrenic one step closer to the $2,500 prize. Tattooed Beach Sluts was the clear crowd favorite of the night, after they took us on a journey through genres ranging from classic golden age rock and roll and more modern sounds like FUN, while Cyrenic showcased a sound and level of talent that the judges simply could not ignore. With finalists like these, the show on August 23 is looking better all the time. We hope that everyone had a happy holiday and is ready to come in one more time for the last night of Band Battle 9 Prelims!

You can see and buy pictures and video from the entire week's battles at our gallery. Join us tonight to find our last finalist and close out prelims with a bang!