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Luke Interviews Shuli Egar From The Howard Stern Show


Not exactly music, but we've been doing some fantastic comedy shows lately. This Saturday we have Shuli Egar from The Howard Stern Show. Shuli's also great, nationally touring standup comic. He's here with Maddog Mattern. Check out the audio of this interview we did with him this morning. Get your tickets now at Just a warning that the language is R rated. Here are the main questions we went over. Check out the audio for Shuli's answers!

You lived in Vegas before moving to NYC right? What brought you to New York?

You were doing standup before the Howard Stern Show. How has being around the show and so many amazing comedians and guests affected your standup?

I know you sat in on the show in the "Jackie/Artie chair" for a few shows earlier in the year. Pretty cool opportunity. What was that like?

What's your favorite part of working with the news department on the show? Any memorable or off-the-wall experiences you can share with us?

You were great on the roasts. Any idea if they'll bring them back?

We've heard you endorse Maddog on air and are looking forward to hearing him. How do you know him?