Artist Q&A

Interview With Young Summer


We caught up with local singer/songwriter Bobbie Allen - the artist behind Young Summer - for a few questions about her upcoming show, future plans and her creative process. Check out her new EP on iTunes and her release show this Friday at Jammin Java.

Who will be in the band for the EP release show?

Eric Montgomery on guitar and keys, Owen Danoff on bass, and Mike Smirnoff on drumsssss

We love the EP - and it seems a lot of other people do too! How did you get hooked up with producer Trent Dabbs in Nashville?

I give all the credit to Jammin's own, Daniel Brindley :) he's a close friend and was looking to find an opener for Trent's show with Andrew Belle at Jammin Java in June of 2011. He thought I'd be a perfect fit and asked me if I would be available and I made sure I was as I am huge fan of both of them. The rest is history.

A lot of musicians from the area have moved to Nashville recently! Do you have plans to move full-time?

I've played with the idea. I love Nashville. I'll talk about it to people here and I know it sounds like I romanticize it (as I do many things). But it's true, it just holds a lot of musical history and magic for me. We shall see.

How has your music or creative process changed since starting to record as Young Summer vs. Bobbie Allen? Or has it?

It's the same, how songwriting begins with melody or a concept but it's different in that I get to work with Trent and write with him. It's a much more collaborative process which I love! It keeps it fresh and gets the cobwebs out.

What motivates you as an artist?

other musicians' music really inspires me to stretch myself creatively and I love documentaries about music or art. I buy them and watch them over and over. There's one about Marc Jacobs and I find it insanely motivating. I love the documentary about FEIST called "Look at what the light did now" and there's a really great one about Trent's Ten out of Tenn tour called "Any Day Now" The documentaries allow me to peek into a world and see what makes the wheels turn. If I'm ever feeling lazy I pop one in.

Do you have plans to tour?

Touring is in the works.

What's next for Young Summer?

More music and a Tour. ;)