Artist Q&A

@JamminJavaMei's Q&A With Black 47


Black 47 is a legendary Celtic rock band from NYC/Ireland. They're here tomorrow for their last DC area show EVER! After 25 years as a band, this is their farewell tour!

Where and when was your first show? First show with Black47 was an open air gig in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY (1990) . It’s the first time I had ever played with Chris Byrne and Larry Kirwan. I had never heard the music before and did not know what to expect. My main memory is this: Standing on the stage with the Tenor sax hanging around my neck, hearing all these jigs and reels flying at me, and thinkin , " what the f*#k am I going to do with this?" .

Main influence: A unique thing about Black47 is that it has organically grown a bunch of musicians from completely different backgrounds and totally different influences . This band has influenced the music world rather than been influenced BY the music world.

Most memorable touring experience: There are so many. However, there was one time, many years ago, when we were performing at a German themed Resort "camp" somewhere in California. The place was surreal. I remember a toothless old man with a nautical cap sitting behind a little organ singing songs in German , and Chris walking around whistling the theme tune to the movie The Great Escape.

Favorite Food: Love to cook, last night was Skate Wings in a brown butter white wine caper sauce. I never turn down a good grass fed steak or a steamed lobster .

Favorite drink: OK I will toe the party line here, Guinness and Jamesons.

Film Movie based on your career: Kidding , right? For Joseph(pipes) I would pick Shia LaBoeuf, for me Peter Sellers (you didn't say they had to be alive). To portray the band as a whole, no one could possibly play good enough.

Cat/Kitty or Dog/Puppy person: Much as we are a band of animal lovers, the fact that we constantly travel means that dogs are out of the question. Hammy and I have had cats. One day I will have dog. At the moment it would be irresponsible.