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@JamminJavaMei's Q&A With Rosi Golan


Rosi Golan has been a friend of JJ for a while. She's been here with William Fitzsimmons, Mindy Smith, Peter Bradley Adams, and more. She has a great new EP out called Fortuna. She's here 11/13 for the release show. Get tickets here.  

Where and when was your first show?

My first show was in LA, where I grew up. I was a nervous wreck because 80 percent of the audience was full of family and close friends and I had only been playing and singing for 6 months.

Eventually, I made eye contact with the audience, haha.

What band/artist would you consider to be your main influence?

I don't think I have one main influence. I think what works best for me is keeping an open mind and open ears.

Listening to as much of a variety as possible. But if I had to list some favorites it can vary anywhere from Leonard Cohen to Katy Perry.

What is one of your most memorable or off-the-wall touring experiences?

Probably the time I went on tour with Greg Laswell and he gave me a truck stop sausage as a "gift" which we later names "George S. Ausage" and made the tour mascot.

George later went on to have his own facebook page...

Favorite Food: Kale. (just kidding it's Gummy Bears)

Favorite Drink: Water



If you were to have a film/movie based on your career, which actors or band would you select to portray yourself?

hhhmmmm I mean, we look nothing alike, but if Natalie Portman wanted to play me I GUESS I would let her.



What two words would best describe your music? Chicken Soup.