Artist Q&A

@JamminJavaMei's Q&A With The Kruger Brothers


The Kruger Brothers are one of the most celebrated bands on the bluegrass scene today. We caught up with them for a quick interview. Don't miss their show here Saturday!

Where and when was your first show? My first show with the Kruger Brothers was around 1990 in Switzerland when I had to sub for Jens' wife Christa who was pregnant with their first daughter Mirjam. Jens and Uwe's first "paying" performance was May 1, 1974 at a shopping center in Switzerland that was holding "American" week featuring US goods...

What band/artist would you consider to be your main influence? We were and continue to be influenced by many styles and composers... From Beethoven to the Grateful Dead, to Louis Armstrong and others in between...

What is one of your most memorable or off-the-wall touring experiences? When after we played a performance at a pub in Ireland, the entire bar got up and sang a song for us!

Favorite Food: Quality! Favorite Drink: Chai Tea

If you were to have a film/movie based on your career, which actors or band would you select to portray yourself? I would probably be a Richard Dreyfuss character

Cat-Person, Dog-Person, or both? Cat - We inherited two that came with the house we bought and another one showed up on our doorstep one day and decided to adopt us.

What two words would best describe your music? I think our record company logo says it best... Nice Music for Nice People...