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@JamminJavaMei's Q&A With Callaghan


Callaghan moved from London to Atlanta to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter. Luckily, she had the support of the great Shawn Mullins who produced and played on her new record. She's already toured across the country. She's at Jammin Java this Sunday with Mikey Wax (get a chance to win handwritten lyrics and more when you get tickets in advance). Mei caught up with Callaghan for a little Q&A. Check it out:

Where was the first your first show? 

My first show in the US was at Eddie's Attic, on a short trip to the states in Summer 2009. It felt amazing because I had heard of Eddie's Attic even while living in London, and I'd seen how many talented artists had come out of there including John Mayer, Shawn Mullins [at Jammin Java 8/26!] and Jennifer Nettles. One memorable moment from that night was an audience member coming up to me at the end of the show and complimenting my song Smile, then adding "and you've even got really nice teeth too…..for a Brit"!

What artist/ band would you say you are most influenced by?

It's difficult to narrow down to one artist because I find different artists influence me in different ways. For influence on melody, songwriting and vocals, Id say the artists I've continued to listen to the most over the years would be Shawn Mullins, Elton John, Celine Dion and Coldplay.

Favorite Foods:

Ice cream! I have a really sweet tooth so really anything with sugar in goes down well. I also really love the British candy Malteasers, but they're difficult to get over here which is probably a good thing! Maybe it's the ice-cream and candy which lead to the bad reputation of British teeth.

What is one of your most memorable or off-the-wall touring experiences?

I recently completed a coast-to-coast tour of house concerts that started in Boston on May 3rd and finished in San Fransisco on June 2nd. I travelled 10,500 miles in total and did 28 house concerts in one month. Pretty crazy, but a lot of fun meeting so many lovely people and seeing some amazing sites along the way. In one show a raucous Parrot was determined to harmonize on every song…I did not sign him up as  a band member.

What two words would best describe your music?

Uplifting, atmospheric - right now another option for a word here would be "Free!  as I'm currently giving away a 6-track EP from to introduce people to my music