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Music Makes Life Better

Our first big Music Makes Life Better benefit concert is Wednesday 8/27! Get a free sticker with your ticket purchase! More details and tickets at

Jammin’ java has been a part of the Northern Virginia community for over 12 years. In addition to the live entertainment offered seven nights a week it has been home to recitals, music school showcases, band battles, birthday parties, weddings, and dozens of benefit concerts and fundraisers. Our business and success has been made possible for the past decade by the support of loyal fans and neighbors, and we’d like to take on a more active role in supporting our neighbors in return.

We believe that everyone has the desire to serve—to give back to their community and to help those in need when they are able. We also know how quickly life gets in the way of our best intentions; schedules get filled, days get busier, to-do lists get longer and time gets too short to seek out ways to volunteer, donate, or advocate. Through our ongoing initiative Music Makes Life Better, we are creating the platform for our friends and music fans to learn about great organizations and opportunities here at home and how you too can get involved.

The Music Makes Life Better concert series is a leading part of our expanding community outreach. We are no longer waiting for organizations to come to us, we are seeking them out and offering our services and resources to help them spread their message to gain support and volunteers.  We organize the show and recruit artists who are willing to donate their time and talents, allowing us to spotlight great local causes without asking often under-staffed and under-funded organizations to take on the work themselves.

Jammin’ Java, like Toms, Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, and others before us, is a for-profit business building a social mission into our business model. For this ongoing series to be sustainable, a minimum portion of ticket sales will cover the necessary staff and production costs for the show. All proceeds beyond this threshold will benefit the spotlighted organization. In keeping with our goal to provide both service to our community and opportunities to serve, the donation at the end of the night is not our only focus. We want to connect those looking to volunteer with opportunities to do so and to connect the individual needs of these organizations with people who can and want to meet them.  The goal is not a one-night partnership—it is an ongoing relationship that starts here and thrives long after last call.

The first in the Music Makes Life Better concert series is Wednesday, August 27th and will benefit the Leland House teen crisis stabilization center in Centerville. Come out to catch these mid-Atlantic alternative rock bands who have offered their time and talents to for this great cause:

His Dream of Lions

Hold Your Own


To be a part of the growing Music Makes Life Better community, you get tickets here.

To learn more about the Leland House, visit their website here.

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