Artist Q&A

Q&A with Brian Dunne

brian dunne

Where and when was your first show?I believe my first public performance was at an open mic night in my home town when I was eleven years old. I thought it'd be a good idea to play Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead Or Alive (it wasn't)

What band/artist would you consider to be your main influence? These days it's Dylan and The Band. Bruce Springsteen will always have my heart though.

What is one of your most memorable or off-the-wall touring experiences? I don't wanna name names or places, but I played a very strange house concert once in a very strange place for a very strange gentleman and maybe 4 other people. It was strange.

Favorite Food: Pizza (duh the best food)

Favorite Drink: Whiskey!

If you were to have a film/movie based on your career, which actors or band would you select to portray yourself? Jack Nicholson in heavy heavy prosthetics.

Cat-Person, Dog-Person, or both? Love em both, but currently sharing my home with a cat.

What two words would best describe your music? Folk anarchy


Check out Brian Dunne at Jammin' Java on December 17th!