Artist Q&A

Q&A with Mama's Black Sheep


Where and when was your first show? We had been playing off and on together for a few years prior, but our first official show as Mama’s Black Sheep was at a club called Steel Blue in Durham NC in Oct of 2008.

What band/artist would you consider to be your main influence? Our influences are quite varied, but we have both always been fans of singer-songwriters like Sarah McLachlan, Tracy Chapman, & Sarah Bettens,

What is one of your most memorable or off-the-wall touring experiences? Each winter we travel south down the coast to Miami and then fly to the island of St. Croix for about a month…it’s an amazing tour, a great island, and always a lot of fun for us and for our fans and family who like to plan vacation time while we’re there.

Favorite Food: Ashland loves dill pickles, and Laura loves dark chocolate

Favorite Drink: Extra Dirty Vodka Martini

If you were to have a film/movie based on your career, which actors or band would you select to portray yourself? probably someone funny like Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy….we’re always joking around and trading “one liners”

Cat-Person, Dog-Person, or both? We are both Dog lovers, but as we are touring all of the time, the only pets we have at home are fish!!! We have rescued a few dogs in our travels who now live with close friends so we get to visit!

mbs fishmbs dog

Our fish and a dog named “Critter” we rescued who now lives the high life in Bel Air, MD.

What two words would best describe your music? Soulful Acoustic

What inspired you to use your concert to raise donations and awareness for Our Daily Bread? We love to do events that will help someone in addition to being a fun time. Especially during the holiday season, we always try to do at least one event that directly supports people or animals in need. It’s our way of giving back and using our music as a vehicle to help others.


Check out Mama's Black Sheep on Wednesday, December 10th at Jammin' Java as they raise money for Our Daily Bread!