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Q&A With Nate Ihara - Emcee Of The Band Battle

nate ihara

Nate Ihara is a talented singer and songwriter who has hosted the Band Battle for the last few years. We got to ask him a few questions for the blog in advance of the finals this Friday night! Check out Nate's music at and his band at and on twitter @nateihara and @wwkmusic.

How many years have you hosted the Band Battle? 4 yrs?

Which bands from past years stand out? I liked Delta Rae and The Silver Liners a lot

Any memorable or "off the wall" experiences from past battles? I thought one of the band members was a guy when it was really a girl and said look at this guy on mic. Ugh

Any advice for aspiring Band Battle competitors? Know your stuff, look the part, be courteous to the staff. Get clued into how the production is being run for the night. It'll keep you from looking stupid in front of your fans ;)

Has hosting the battles affected your music at all? If so, how? I'd say yes to a degree. I'm a songwriter and I'm always trying to keep it green. I've had many a song come to fruition that was inspired by a band battle.

What's coming up for YOU musically? I've got a couple TV things coming up that I'm currently under contract with so I can't go into discussion on that topic. Right now it's just focus on writing writing writing. I'm off to the West Coast the morning after this upcoming Band Battle. I'll be doing some co writes as well as some of that "secret" stuff I was talking about earlier. Hopefully have my solo EP released by end of September (27th).

Looking forward to another night of awesome music!!!