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What is a memorable experience from a recent show?Jordan Sokel (Pressing Strings) Well, Dave Grohl came to see us play. actually he visits a place that we play and he was there and enjoyed himself. He did get a cd. dave grohl

How did you end up as a 3 piece band, was it by choice or did it happen by chance? JS: We like to think that if the song is good enough it will stand on its own without squashing it with more layers.

How do you write the songs? Sometimes they come so quickly it just hits me all at once. We work with Dj Boy Records and the label i’m a partner in is signed to Dj Boy, so they may not like this, but you can hear a song that i wrote and recorded on my iPhone in about 10 minutes at The first song up there, OWE THE SOURCE, is a song i wrote and then quickly recorded on my iPhone. that’s the original take. That link is more for industry people, so Dj Boy might prefer we wait to give you these, but you know what.. go listen, I even just put up a link so you can download the EP for free. So go get it, then come to the show and see us perform these songs live.

If you could open for any artist in the next year, who would it be? Someone who I think is extremely talented and classic is Michael Kiwanuka. I would love to open for him, or be affiliated. He's got such soul to his music and I think our stuff vibes well with his. Not to mention maybe bridging the Atlantic Ocean by opening for someone from outside of the USA. Others would be Jose Gonzalez, John Butler Trio, Sean Hayes...

Name 3 artists (local, regional or national) that you have listened to almost obsessively in the past 6 months to a year. The Wood Brothers are insanely good and I've been hooked on them for a few years. I'm a huge Taj Mahal fan, he gets a lot of speaker play. White Denim, Dr. Dog..


Check out Pressing Strings with The Kin on November 28th at U Street Music Hall!