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Ron Sexsmith


Ron Sexsmith was at Jammin Java last month. He's been one of my family's favorite singer/songwriters for years. He was one of the artist on our "wish list" to have perform here when we first started the club. My brother even had a Ron Sexsmith song, "Never Give Up On You", as the first dance at his wedding. Of course, the Jersey shore DJ introduced it as "Ron SEXYsmith". Anyway, there is a real sincerity and purity about his songs. His melodies are beautiful. He's a real inspiration to me as a writer.

He's never had widespread commercial success in America (he's Canadian) but is known as more of a "songwriter's songwriter". He's had his songs recorded by Feist, Michael Buble, Chris Martin (Coldplay) and others.

"Secret Heart" is an old favorite of mine and one that really stood out at the Jammin Java concert with a soulful band arrangement. Here's a video of him doing it solo on a show with Elvis Costello, Sheryl Crow and others.

Here's "Never Give Up On You":

Here's another great one, "Whatever It Takes":