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Some Thoughts on Macklemore's "Vipassana"


A song about a transformed life and finding yourself. Old self being re-born into your new self. Re-birth. Re-discovery. Re-claiming. Re-demption. The Great Re-do. Macklemore is enlightened. Are you?

Yesterday, forget it Tomorrow is nada The present is right here - through the breath, watch it It gives Jesus peace, hangin’ on a cross We sit and discuss God on lawn chairs About how we got here, What it is, what it isn’t, shit Fate versus faith, scrimmagin’ with coincidence Leave out the marketing - hold up on the business end Focus on the genuine, with everything else, you can shed the skin I was a couple moves away from being dead In that ER overdosin’, eyes bleedin’ red I fell in love, made an album, got a buzz Lost it all, sobered up and guess what? Now we meet again And I’m back, finally just laughin’ Expectations are resentments waiting to happen Studying the dharma, karma of Vipassana practice Bahá’u’lláh, Buddha, God, to the mountaintop and I’m traveling Learnin’, yes, reflectin’ on what matters People, permanence, lack of attachments It’s space and time, a couple man-made distractions The measure of a spirit that no human can ever capture Church? This booth is my Vatican I don’t control life, but I can control how I react to it Student of the breath, brick beats and balancin’ Desire versus truth until I finally find happiness

I was put here to do something before I’m lyin’ in that casket I’d be lyin’ on the beat if I said I didn’t know what that is The world’s a stage and we play a character, I found him It took me 20 something years and a bunch of shitty sound checks I’m not gonna be content, until I find gratitude Regardless of my sales or the record deals they’re handin’ you If the next generation takes our legacy and samples you We’ll have a bunch of mp3’s and misled kids to pass ‘em to I use my veins to create the color I paint from Delve into something ‘til my heart becomes my paint brush I told my mama I’m not stoppin’ ‘til my name’s up Thinkin’ those comments on that blog is gonna save us Searchin’ for everything but God to validate you Get insecure and then we start blamin’ the haters Used to look to women to fill a part of me that was vacant Truth, the only thing that I ever used in moderation So I stare into this paper instead of sitting at a cubicle Take all the ugly shit inside and try to make it beautiful Use the cement from rock bottom and make it musical So the people can relate to where I’ve been, Where I’m going, what I’ve seen, what I’ve heard From the guts, fuck the glory Just a person on a porch putting it all into recording Many in my past and many that came before me I just keep walkin’ my path and blessed to share my story