Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight On Yanna And Her Homemade Jewelry!

We have a lot of talented people working at Jammin Java. We'll be showcasing them on the blog occasionally. Yanna Garecka has been here for nine years. She's also a talented artist and jewelry maker. Here's a brief statement from Yanna and some pictures of her work. Be sure to check out her etsy site at and order some one-of-a-kind handmade pieces!

I started making and selling jewelry when I was 16, two years before I started working at Jammin Java. Most of my inspiration comes from the beads themselves; colors, shapes and sizes, vintage and new. Recently I started working my crocheting hobby into my pieces, which has been great fun!

Jammin Java has been a great place to work over these 9 years (wow time flies!). Having the daylight to work on stocking my shop before I go into work is nice. Also having the opportunity to work with friends who are supportive, and so talented in their own ways, in addition to seeing different artists on stage, is very inspirational!

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