Staff Post

"The Growing Edge" + The Creative Process


I've been releasing a song every Monday since the first week in January. I wrote this one Sunday evening after finishing a song. I posted it on Facebook and people were really into it so I wanted to post it here as well! - Luke

About this time every week I think, "How am I ever going to finish this song, not repeat myself, have the lyrics be as strong as I can write them AND have it be something I am proud of and want to share with everyone who will listen?" I feel like I'll never be able to do it, but I press on and finish it. Whatever it takes.

I've heard this called the "growing edge" in the context of yoga and physical exercise. It's real. It's like running, working out or lifting weights. You only grow when you push yourself to the edge and then just beyond. For me, as a writer, this is often where the "goosebump" moments happen and you get to the good stuff.

I feel like I am learning and growing so much as a writer with this song a week project. Thank you all for following along and listening.