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Your Voice


i spent the last couple days trying to rework a song. it was an older one and i wasn’t happy with the feel. i was trying a lot of variations and found myself thinking, “what would so and so do”, “what would she do?”, “how would he do it?”, etc. - running through a list of my favorite artists in my head. then it hit me, if i’m going to get anywhere i need to ask myself, “how would I do it?”. this has happened before - i catch myself going over options that imitate the feels of other musicians i like, instead of starting from what I want to hear. but then i realize i need to come back to, “what do I want to hear?” “how do I want this to sound?” and then follow that impulse. it’s ok if it’s not like anyone else - in fact - it’s probably better that way! think of any of your favorite artists and they, at some point, were the only ones sounding, looking, or writing like they did. off the top of my head i think of bob dylan, bon iver, prince, lady gaga, freddie mercury, nick drake.

limitations and all, the most important thing you can do creatively is to find YOUR voice - what makes you, you.

in the end, isn’t this the joy of creativity? the blank canvas? the empty page? it’s new every morning - you can create whatever you want to!